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Bonding Painlessly Mends Your Smile

Bonding your teeth enhances your smile painlessly and inexpensively.

If you're considering a cosmetic dentistry procedure, you're joining a well-established group of Americans; it's estimated that we spend Bonding$2.75 billion on updating our teeth each year. One of the most affordable and non-invasive procedures is dental bonding, which is offered at Dr. Jill Markos' office in Vancouver, Washington.

Rapid and budget-friendly results

Sometimes called adhesive dentistry, bonding is one of the most cost-effective and low-maintenance cosmetic dentistry procedures available, only taking an hour or less at your Vancouver dentist's office. It repairs small cracks, spaces and cavities that form on the surface of the teeth. In some cases, bonding may be covered by insurance. The tooth-colored resin used in the bonding process is easily molded by your Newport Beach dentist Dr. Markos; it won't require multiple or lengthy appointments to apply. Most of the time, your Vancouver dentist will not need to administer any anesthesia unless the bonding will be used to fill a deep cavity.

Uses and maintenance

The tooth-colored resin is very versatile; it can fill in visible cavities, small gaps, chips or cracks, and can be used to lengthen an abnormally sized tooth. The bonding material is strong, but your Vancouver dentist Dr. Markos will advise against chewing on hard objects or foods to avoid chipping the material. You may need to have a whitening treatment prior to bonding if your teeth have noticeable stains that will not match the resin color. Bonding is usually used for minor restorations; teeth with a considerable amount of damage may respond better to different cosmetic treatments from Dr. Markos.

The effects of bonding can last many years if proper care is taken. Talk to the friendly staff at your Vancouver dentist's office to learn more about how this quick and painless procedure can help you make the most of your smile!

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