Do Floss Picks Really Work?

What your dentist in Vancouver wants you to know about flossing

You really should begin flossing, because you know it’s important, but you can’t quite figure out how to do it effectively. The floss gets Floss Pickstangled in between your fingers, and you have a difficult time getting to your back teeth. You may be wondering about floss picks and other flossing tools.  But do they really work? Dr. Jill Markos, your dentist in Vancouver, Washington wants to help take the mystery out of flossing and keep your gums and teeth healthy.

So, why floss at all? You need to floss because brushing only cleans part of your teeth. Your plaque contains millions of harmful bacteria and if you don’t clean your teeth well, the bacteria can destroy your hard and soft tissue, including the bone around your teeth. When you add flossing to your daily routine, it helps prevent decay and gum and periodontal disease from starting in between your teeth.

Your dentist in Vancouver wants you to know you floss because you don’t want:

  • Bacterial acid to cause decay in between your teeth
  • Decay in between your teeth resulting in the need for a root canal or extraction
  • Bacterial plaque to cause gum disease between your teeth
  • Gum inflammation in between your teeth turning into periodontal disease

So, do floss picks really work? Flossing with just a piece of floss is still considered the best method, because with floss you are able to wrap around each tooth, ensuring you reach the round edges of your teeth. However, for people with dexterity issues, arthritis or who have difficulty using floss, floss picks work just fine.

The most important thing about flossing is to just do it! Your dentist in Vancouver wants you to know frequent and regular flossing is the key to continuing oral health, no matter what method you choose. Floss picks are a great tool to use and can help you get back to those hard to reach areas around your back teeth.

Floss picks really do work, and there is no reason they can’t work for you too. If you need help with your oral hygiene routine, it’s time to call Dr. Jill Markos, your dentist in Vancouver, Washington. She knows all the tips, tricks and tools available and can help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. Call today and get on the road to excellent dental health!

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