Let Veneers Give You a New Smile

Ready to give your smile a little makeover? Then it’s time to find out how dental veneers could help.

Are you looking to improve the color, shape or size of your teeth? If so, then dental veneers might be the ideal option for you. These thin veneersporcelain shells are an amazing dental restoration that our Vancouver, WA cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jill Markos, can’t wait for you to see. It’s truly amazing how much a smile can change when just these simple porcelain layers are adhered to the front of your teeth.

Are you dealing with a discolored smile that teeth whitening won’t fix? Do you have uneven, crooked, overlapping teeth? Do you have misshapen or cracked teeth? If so, then dental veneers may be able to help. Dental veneers, which are made from thin layers of porcelain, are an easy way to change the shade, length, shape or size of your smile.

Besides getting teeth whiter, veneers can also cover teeth that are a bit crooked. While they won’t be able to fix more complicated issues that only braces can, they can often be used straighten teeth that are slightly misshapen.

Before you can get dental veneers we will need to make sure you are right for treatment. This requires us to examine your smile to guarantee that teeth are healthy and cavity-free and have enough healthy tooth enamel to support veneers. Once we know that veneers are right for you we will start preparing your teeth for your new restorations.

While tooth preparation can often sound scary or invasive, don’t worry! We only need to remove a very minimal amount of tooth enamel. Of course, it is important that patients understand that enamel doesn’t grow back so once this is performed you cannot reverse your treatment.

Our Vancouver, WA cosmetic dentist will then take impressions of your teeth. The lab that custom designs your veneers will have ones that fit just right and look most natural. Temporary veneers may be applied to your teeth in the interim. It can take up to one to two weeks to get your permanent veneers.

Once your veneers are made you will come back into our office to have them placed. We will check the shape, fit and bite before applying them to your teeth with a bonding resin and then hardening it with a laser. You will now be able to leave our office with a brand new smile that you won’t be able to wait to show off!

Are you ready to find out if dental veneers are the right option for you? Then what are you waiting for? Call our Vancouver, WA restorative dentist Dr. Markos today to book a consultation with her.

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