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When It’s Appropriate to Floss

Dentists recommend brushing and flossing daily to avoid the buildup of plaque and tartar around the base of your gum line. Consistency is one of the most important factors of good oral hygiene, and the best way to keep your teeth healthy and clean is to follow this recommendation.

Some people find that their daily schedules thwart them from taking proper care of their teeth. Drinking coffee and eating lunch at a Flossingdesk doesn’t allow some people the opportunity to floss in a traditional setting. To rectify this problem, a trend in public flossing has emerged in the last decade or so. Along with this trend, a debate over whether or not conducting oral hygiene procedures in public is socially appropriate.

When It’s Appropriate to Floss

A quick Google search of “flossing etiquette” returns several articles and blog posts about whether or not flossing in a public place (e.g. subway car, public bathroom, in the office, at a restaurant) is breaching social decorum.

So, is it okay to floss in public? Many of these articles would argue that no, it’s not okay, but many of the complaints posed in these articles center on the idea that flossing and brushing in public exposes others to unsanitary elements of a hygiene routine, like when people toss used floss on the ground or spit out toothpaste in a public sink and leaving the mess behind. However, the flossing itself isn’t inherently rude.

Ultimately, no one else can be responsible for your oral health but you, and there are certain circumstances that prevent might you from handling your hygiene routines in a strictly private setting. If you need to floss and you can’t be at home to do it, there’s nothing innately wrong in flossing in a more public space, but it might pay to keep in mind that some people do construe this behavior as rude. We recommend finding a happy medium: if you need to floss or brush outside your home, try to find a place that is relatively private, and always remember to clean up after yourself.

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