Are Sealants Right for My Child?

Dental sealants can help your child avoid cavities by preventing tooth decay. The surfaces of the teeth are full of tiny pits and grooves that pediatric dentistrymake excellent hiding places for food particles and bacteria. Regular brushing is not always sufficient to completely clear away trapped bacteria. When bacteria lingers in these grooves on tooth surfaces, decay sets in and cavities develop. Dental sealants fill in the tiny pits and grooves on tooth surfaces so nothing gets trapped, leading to healthier teeth. Dr. Jill Markos is your dentist in Vancouver, WA, for dental sealants.

How Sealants Help

As indicated, sealants help prevent tooth decay by sealing the pits and grooves on teeth where cavity-causing bacteria tend to get trapped. Trapped bacteria flourishes by penetrating tooth enamel and accessing important nutrients inside the tooth. Sealants protect teeth by both preventing bacteria from getting trapped in surface grooves and from penetrating tooth enamel. In short, sealants make it difficult for bacteria to flourish, which reduces the risk of tooth decay. Children with sealants are far less likely to develop cavities than those without sealants.

Applying Sealants

Sealants are typically applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Before applying sealants, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned to ensure no bacteria, plaque, or other debris gets permanently trapped beneath the sealant. After cleaning the teeth, your child’s Vancouver dentist brushes the sealant directly on the surface of the back teeth. Once applied, the sealants are dried using a special light that cures and hardens them. With proper care, the hardened sealants should remain in place for several years and will protect against cavities and tooth decay.

Dental sealants can protect your child’s teeth against cavities. Sealants create a smooth surface on teeth that makes it difficult for harmful bacteria to linger and penetrate delicate tooth enamel. Children with dental sealants are significantly less likely to develop cavities versus kids without sealants. To learn more about getting sealants for your child, schedule an appointment with Dr. Markos, you child’s Vancouver dentist, by calling the office at (360) 693-2544.

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