• The Benefits of Dental Implants
    Want a healthier and brighter smile? Dental implants could be the answer! If you're interested in the treatment, your Vancouver, WA, dentist, Dr. Jill Markos, can help. More about implants Dental implants consist Read more
  • Don’t Ignore a Toothache
    Your tooth is trying to tell you something. It’s time you listen. Teeth are amazingly strong. After all, they are made from enamel, which is the strongest element found in the Read more
  • Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options
    You can transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry. There are many cosmetic dentistry options for addressing a variety of cosmetic concerns, such as dull or stained teeth, chipped or cracked Read more
  • How Often Should I Visit My Dentist?
    What your dentist in Vancouver wants you to know There are many people out there who don’t visit their dentist on a regular basis, but they pay a price. They often Read more
  • Signs You May Need a Root Canal
    Something is really wrong with your upper right molar. You experience stabbing pain when you chew, and the tooth looks discolored. Is extraction the answer? Your Vancouver, WA dentist, Dr. Read more
  • How to Prevent Decay
    Although cavities tend to be associated predominantly with children, when factors like eating sugary snacks and poor brushing techniques increase the risk of tooth decay, adults are not immune. But Read more
  • Close the Gaps on Your Smile
    The loss of just one tooth can have a dramatic impact on your smile. Fortunately, dental implants, an innovative tooth restoration option, provide an effective way to fill the gaps Read more
  • Are Sealants Right for My Child?
    Dental sealants can help your child avoid cavities by preventing tooth decay. The surfaces of the teeth are full of tiny pits and grooves that make excellent hiding places for Read more
  • Tooth Colored Fillings Make Your Teeth Strong and Healthy Again
    If decay has weakened your teeth, tooth-colored fillings can be used to fill in and strengthen a tooth after removing decay. An added benefit of tooth-colored fillings is that they Read more
  • Are You Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits?
    What your dentist in Vancouver wants you to know If you’ve grown up keeping good oral hygiene habits, you’re lucky. Many adults grew up during a time when good oral hygiene wasn’t Read more
  • The Benefits Of Dental Crowns and Bridges
    Want a great-looking smile? With options like crowns and bridges, your dentist can take your smile from being so-so to simply beautiful. Dr. Jill Markos is one of the finest Read more
  • Get a Smile You Love
    Your teeth work hard every day, so it's not unusual for them to show the effects of all that wear and tear eventually. Fortunately, you can repair damaged or unsightly Read more
  • What Dental Implants Can Do For Your Smile
    Caring for your smile often means more than just brushing and flossing every day. From seeing your dentist regularly to taking care of lasting issues like missing teeth, you may Read more
  • Ways You Can Maintain Great Oral Health
    Like getting enough exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet, most of us are aware that good oral hygiene habits, like brushing and flossing every day, are necessary for an Read more
  • Let Veneers Give You a New Smile
    Ready to give your smile a little makeover? Then it’s time to find out how dental veneers could help. Are you looking to improve the color, shape or size of your Read more
  • Do Floss Picks Really Work?
    What your dentist in Vancouver wants you to know about flossing You really should begin flossing, because you know it’s important, but you can’t quite figure out how to do it Read more

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