Dental Bonding Can Repair Small Chips Or Cracks

Certain dental problems require big solutions. Dentures, crowns, and implants for missing teeth, root canal therapy and in extreme dental bondingcases extractions for severely damaged and decayed teeth. While some cosmetic problems like larger cracks or spacing often require treatment with porcelain veneers or crowns, a simpler but equally effective solution is available for the small chips and cracks that can tarnish an otherwise healthy smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, WA dentist Jill Markos, D.D.S. treats patients for a wide spectrum of dental problems - from stained and discolored teeth, to the slow, progressive damage and decay of periodontal disease, and everything in between. As with all areas of health and medical care, many people tend to ignore minor dental problems and put off going to the dentist until pain sets in, the gums start to bleed, or an emergency leads to a broken or fully knocked out tooth (or teeth).

In many cases, common misconceptions about the amount of work required (and the cost) to fix minor smile imperfections make people choose to live with a lackluster smile. Dental bonding offers the perfect solution. Designed to match the color and texture of the patient's natural teeth, cosmetic bonding is a quick, efficient, and affordable solution for small cracks and chips, and stains and discolorations that can't be corrected with professional teeth whitening. Bonding can also be used to close gaps, and help to reshape uneven teeth for better symmetry. It is also a durable solution that can hold up for years with proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups and care.

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Have you been putting off an upgrade to your smile? A small investment in smile enhancement can transform the whole face, and even boost confidence and self-esteem. For more information on dental bonding and other cosmetic dental options, contact Dr. Jill Markos by calling (360) 693-2544 to schedule an appointment today.

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