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  • Why Maintaining Your Veneers Goes A Long Way In Their Success
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Why Maintaining Your Veneers Goes A Long Way In Their Success

If you've had veneers placed on your teeth - or are looking to get them soon - there are some things you should know about taking proper care of them. After all, obtaining that perfect smile can only be long-lasting if you maintain your teeth and their new accommodations.

At Jill Markos, DDS, you'll find the professional and trustworthy care you've been seeking for your dental needs, as Dr. Markos and Veneersher certified dental associates make it their mission to leave your mouth with a smile.

Whether you have cracked, bent, or discolored teeth, veneers provide the solution for achieving that perfect smile. Veneers not only improve the aesthetic appearance of the individual tooth, they can correct crooked teeth and gaps between teeth as well!

Once you have custom-made veneers placed in your mouth, take a look at the primary steps you must take to ensure they stay in top condition:

  • Brush (and floss!) daily; at least twice with brushing and once with flossing
  • Don't delay your follow-up appointment(s) set for shortly after your veneer procedure (normally about 1-2 weeks)
  • Don't chew on hard things, like candy or writing utensils (a bad habit to begin with), which can taint the integrity of your veneers

It's possible that you'll notice a change in the size and shape of your teeth early on. Don't worry, though, as you'll get used to them soon enough, especially if you follow the aforementioned tips for caring for them!

Veneers will also last longer and have better color stability than dental options like bonding, and are even resistant to coffee, tea, and cigarette smoking and tobacco stains. For more information on the many benefits of having and maintaining your veneers, give Dr. Markos a call today at (360) 693-2544 for the dental answers you've been looking for right here in Vancouver, WA!

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